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Corus Evo Plus Volume Corrector

Corus Evo+ is an electronic volume converter for commercial and industrial natural gas applications. By measuring temperature and pressure from the gas flow in the meter, Corus Evo+ provides extremely accurate data improving billing precision for utilities and gas distributors. With superior accuracy certifications, simplified maintenance, and evolutivity options, Corus Evo+ is the fundamental component of a reliable gas distribution solution for C&I customers.

Corus Evo+ safeguards billing processes
Conceived to safeguard billing processes, Corus Evo+ offers the unique capability to measure gas consumption with a certified 0,3% accuracy*. With embedded anti-tampering features, secured volume transmission, and encrypted communication capabilities, Corus Evo+ ensures the utmost precision and security in the entire billing process for utilities. (* Option available)

Corus Evo+ simplifies field and maintenance operations/br> Built with proven components, Corus Evo+ features external pressure sensors that facilitate field operations. An extensive range of sensors with enclosed calibration coefficients alleviates the on-site maintenance needs and simplifies the replacement of units in the field. With an intuitive Human-Machine Interface crafted through decades of working side-by-side with gas customers, Itron`s latest generation of Corus Evo+ helps streamline field and maintenance efforts.

Corus Evo+ evolves with your needs
With a distinctive modular design, Corus Evo+ offers flexibility options with up to 6 expansion slots, intended for external power supplies or optional communication ports. Supporting a pre-set of alarms with on-site reading, Corus Evo+ is programmable to trigger alerts based on user-defined events. Upgradeable remotely, Corus Evo+ offers agility and adapts to current and future needs from the field.



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