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BlueEye Mobile

  • The compact and robust BlueEye™ Mobile has been designed for mobile and handheld use.
  • Build in pressure regulator, purge line and flow restriction allows setup in minutes.
  • Patented dynamic viscosity measurement principle combined with TCD and IR sensors.
  • Continuous, fast response and highly accurate measurement.
  • Wide composition range (Hs: 27.52 – 50.40 MJ/m3 at 15°C/15°C).
  • Ultra-fast sampling rate, reporting gas properties: Hs, Hi, WIs, WIi, ρ, ρ rel., Z, AFR, s-AFR, MN, CO2 and H2
  • Accurate Hydrogen measurement up to 30 mol% blends.
  • Battery powered allowing up to 24h of continuous measurement, highly effective and very affordable.
  • Single-hand operated shut-off quick couplings ensure easy, fast and safe connections to any gas source.
  • Plug & Play operation and connectivity via Bluetooth® to dedicated iOS and Android Apps.
  • Measurement data is collected and saved with the App and uploaded to our cloud service.
  • Application areas: commissioning and tuning, periodic checks, energy allocation of any gas appliance.
The explanatory video of BlueEye Mobile can be accessed from the below link,

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