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Testo 526-1/-2 is a highly precise differential pressure-measuring instrument with an internal sensor. This has a measuring range from 0 to 2000 hPa. The instrument is optimally suited to pressure checks in sensitive industrial processes, and is available in 2 accuracy classes.


  • Testo 526-1 accuracy 0.1 Precent of final value
  • Testo 526-2 accuracy 0.05 Precent of final value


The Testo 526-1/-2 additionally has two probe inputs for the connection of further probes for the measurement of pressure and temperature. A large selection of probes is available for this purpose. Especially for the purposes of tightness tests on containers, uninterrupted recording is possible via the test menu in Testo 526-1 and Testo 526-2. The subsequent processing of the measurement data via software or printout via the printer allows the documentation of the pressure test.


  • Temp. compensated differential pressure sensor, 0 to 2000 hPa, integrated in instrument
  • Measures leakage rate (pressure drop per time)
  • Checks drop in pressure in containers, cables etc. via the built-in test menu
  • 2 probe sockets to connect additional probes for measuring pressure, temperature, current/voltage

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